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Wireless Charging Car Vacuum Cleaner


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This car vacuum cleaner is equipped with a pure copper brushless induction motor and a powerful 18,000 Pascal suction power, with Type-C fast charging and the long-lasting battery life of ternary lithium batteries, which demonstrates the perfect combination of technology and efficiency.

Detailed function highlights:
PURE COPPER BRUSHLESS MOTOR: The more efficient and durable pure copper brushless induction motor provides more stable power output and longer service life.
Powerful su ction: Superior suction power of 18,000 Pascal easily picks up stains and dust of all sizes inside and outside the car, making cleaning results visible.
Type-C fast charging technology: Modern fast charging interface with rapid charging technology dramatically reduces charging time and provides more efficient energy return for continuous use.
Li-ion ternary battery life: high-quality Li-ion ternary battery pack guarantees a more stable current output and a longer use cycle.
Adjustable suction power: Dual gear design, easy to adjust the suction power to cope with different cleaning tasks and sensitive materials.
Multi-functional application: easy to change the attachments to realize vacuuming and blowing dust on a variety of surfaces inside and outside the car to meet a wider range of cleaning needs.