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Powerful Blow & Suction Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner


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With its turbo motor and smart chip technology, this cordless car vacuum cleaner provides outstanding blowing and suction function and excellent noise control. It adapts to different cleaning needs while ensuring that users enjoy a pleasant cleaning experience.

Detailed explanation of product features:
Advanced turbine motor: Strong power comes from the high-efficiency turbine motor, which realizes strong suction power while maintaining a stable and continuous performance output.
Leading silent technology: Bass noise reduction treatment reduces the noise generated when working, even if used in a quiet environment will not cause interference.
Multi-level filtration system: Through fine multiple filtration, it effectively isolates dust and reduces secondary pollution to protect indoor air quality.
Intelligent Chip Control: Intelligent chip monitors the operating status of the vacuum cleaner to optimize power consumption and protect battery life, prolonging the use cycle.
Wet and dry design: Adapt to various cleaning scenarios, whether it is dry garbage or wet liquids, it can easily cope with them, and the cleaning ability is more comprehensive.
Portable and Wireless Freedom: Free from the constraints of cables, wireless operation brings a greater range of mobility, making the cleaning work free and unrestricted.