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New Portable Hand Vacuum Cleaner


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This powerful vacuum cleaner for car and home. Compact handheld and full-featured, it provides users with strong suction power and long life, highlighting a new level of cleaning.


Product highlights in detail:
Powerful suction: High-quality motor ensures excellent suction power, even with stubborn stains and deep dust.
Long life: Equipped with a high-efficiency battery, a single charge can support a long time of use, no need for frequent charging, life beyond imagination.
Compact design: The compact body design makes this vacuum cleaner a must-have cleaning tool for on-the-go cleaning, which is perfect for placing at home or in the car.
Safety: Strict safety tests ensure that the vacuum cleaner is safe to use in all environments.
Cordless Freedom: Cordless design enhances the flexibility of use, so that cleaning is no longer restricted by location, and hygienic corners are within easy reach.
Multi-functional use: Not only can it be used for cleaning inside the car, but also for cleaning the desktop, keyboard, sofa crevices, etc. at home, to meet your cleaning needs in all aspects.