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Handheld Compact Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


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This handheld compact cordless vacuum cleaner redefines the modern home and car cleaning tool with its wet/dry flexibility and a range of user-friendly designs. Drop-resistant transparent cover, sound-reducing exhaust, smooth operation…every detail is designed to create a cleaning companion that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Product Features:
Drop-resistant transparent cover: The new ABS plastic is optimized for the transparent cover, which is not easy to crack, and enhances the product’s ability to resist drops and impacts, and protects the body even when it is dropped accidentally.
Beautiful and quiet air vent: Innovative air vent design reduces the wind friction coefficient and noise interference, making the cleaning operation more peaceful and pleasant.
Smooth operation buttons: well-designed buttons with raised arrows on the surface ensure smooth and unobstructed pushing and plucking movements, and the convenient one-touch start and dumping functions make the operation simple and intuitive.
Silent and powerful metal impeller: The impeller is constructed with preferred materials to ensure strong suction power and smooth operation, with a more subtle sound.
Comfortable Grip: The handle adopts rounded arc design, which is beautiful and fits the curve of the palm of your hand, and you will not feel fatigue even if you hold it for a long time.