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Small Mini Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


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To fulfill the need for convenience and efficiency in cleaning tools in a fast-paced lifestyle, this cordless vacuum cleaner offers an innovative solution. Its versatility, combined with long-lasting range and cordless convenience, and the new artistic design will be a favorite in the marketplace for users seeking a value-added experience.

Product Highlights Overview:
3-in-1 Function: the vacuum cleaner provides multi-functional options of vacuuming, blowing and pumping, making it suitable for a variety of daily cleaning scenarios.
POWERFUL ENGINE: Adopting a high-efficiency motor, it provides stable and powerful suction and blowing power, which can easily take away the dust, and fresh air accompanies the completion of cleaning.
Absolutely portable: lightweight design concept, not only suitable for home use, but also can be conveniently placed in the car to solve the dust problem at any time.
Wireless Freedom: The wireless design that is free from bondage allows users to move freely when using it, realizing highly efficient cleaning walks.
Long-lasting battery life: Equipped with a long-lasting battery pack, a full charge can support a longer period of use, reducing the number of charging times, cleaning without interruption.
Easy to operate: user-friendly operation interface, simple and intuitive, even first-time users can quickly get started.