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Cordless Wet & Dry Powerful Vacuum Cleaner


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This car vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice for those seeking a superior cleaning experience inside and outside the car. The cordless wet/dry design, combined with high suction power and portable performance, meets your high standards of cleaning in different environments.

Product features in detail:
One-touch dust emptying function: easy to operate, easy to empty the dust cup with one touch, avoiding secondary pollution during the cleaning process.
Quiet noise reduction technology: in the strong suction at the same time, to eliminate excessive noise interference, give you a quiet cleaning space.
Hurricane-level suction power: Adopt optimized fan and power system to provide long-lasting large suction power, completely remove stubborn dust and dirt.
TYPE-C QUICK CHARGE: Supports TYPE-C charging, compatible with a variety of charging modes, providing convenient energy replenishment for the vacuum cleaner.
Dual-use design for vehicle and home: whether inside the vehicle or at home, this hurricane suction vacuum cleaner provides professional cleaning results.
Blowing and suction innovation: not only vacuuming, but also blowing and dispersing debris from corners for a more comprehensive cleaning function.
Wireless Operation Freedom: Free from the shackles of plugging in the cable, more flexible use, cleaning without dead ends.
Multi-functional accessories: Equipped with a brush nozzle and a brush blowing nozzle for detailed cleaning of furniture surfaces, and a floor brush for wider surfaces.