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Powerful Motor Car Vacuum Cleaner


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This car vacuum cleaner is designed to break the boundaries of traditional cleaning modes and bring users a new kind of cleaning assistant for both home and car. Experience unprecedented cleaning efficiency and convenience to meet the diverse cleaning needs of modern life.

Product Advantage
POWERFUL MOTOR: The powerful motor delivers up to 50,000RPM to generate strong suction power, which can easily adsorb both fine dust and stubborn debris.
Extended range: Efficient battery design supports longer operation, reduces the hassle of frequent charging, and ensures that cleaning tasks continue to be accomplished.
Dual-purpose function: not only a vacuum cleaner, but also a powerful hair dryer, one machine for two purposes, to meet more diverse cleaning needs, simplify your household chores.
Multi-occasion application: Adapt to all kinds of car models and home cleaning scenarios, whether it’s the crevices in the car, or hidden corners of the home, can be clean as new.